Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance

Our insurance Agency provide Personal Insurance coverage with Homeowners / House and Auto / Car Online Insurance Quotes and has years of experience in offering the most cost effective insurance package for your needs.

Our team has the experience to analyze and recommend the right comprehensive personal insurance coverages for you and your family.

Personal Insurance coverages can include life, homeowners, renters, fire, flood, earthquake, auto, personal umbrella, watercraft, recreational and individual health.

Homeowners Insurance

The most expensive purchase you will ever make will most likely be a house. Your home consists of more than just your house. Your home includes the wedding ring in the bedroom, tools in the garage, the pool in the backyard. Most importantly it also includes your family. Homeowner’s insurance is therefore essential to protect this investment against possible financial disaster caused by damage, theft or liability.

Flood Insurance

Are you aware that Homeowners policies do not cover flood insurance ? Have you looked at the FEMA maps for identification of flood zones in and around your home?

Types of floods – some floods develop slowly, sometimes over a few days. Flash floods happen quickly, often in minutes with heavy rains. Overland floods occur outside a defined river or waterway, sometimes when a levy or dam breaks, and can also be brought on by very heavy consist rains.

Every state is at risk of flooding. Review your FEMA maps and make sure you are covered.

Auto Insurance

It is very important to protect your estate and assets should you encounter a serious auto accident. Available coverages include – general liability, un-insured motorist, collision, medical payments, comprehensive and more…

Personal Umbrella

In today’s “lawsuit” prone society, you don’t have to be wealthy to need more protection than your existing auto policy and homeowners policies provide. This insurance provides coverage in case a large lawsuit award goes beyond the limit of one of your primary personal insurance coverages.

Let one of our experts customize a solution that’s right for you.

We operate with a passion to achieve real results in identifying and minimizing risk in collaboration with the client.


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